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About the Blog

Information about the Mauricio Hernaski Blog that provides contents of information technology, project management, web standards and more

mauricio hernaski

The Blog

My goal is to disseminate contents on the blog of Information Technology, Project Management, W3C standards, SEO, HTML5, ASP.Net C#, MySQL, SQL Server and Web systems in general.

The idea is to share information with developers and IT professionals through academic articles or simple useful posts.

A little of my journey

It all started in 1993 when I met a PC 386 SX with MS-DOS system, there was no Internet. In 1997 I built my first HTML website and in 1998 a website using SHTML (I'm not considering the Geocities, lol). Afterwards with ASP Classic VBScript, Java, JSP and currently I am Microsoft Certified Professional. I work from 2004 until today with ASP.Net C# since the first commercial version (1.1).

Nowadays I lead a team where we develop and maintain several software solutions and websites for the Curitiba City Hall in Brazil. I can say that I learned a lot with all who have worked with me and I'm still learning from the people who work.

Here is my LinkedIn.

My best regards,
Mauricio Eduardo Hernaski